July 13, 2024

listening to the words of many that declare that Dyson is via far the high-quality vacuum cleanser available on the market, I sprang for the Dyson DC-15 aka “The Animal”.The Setup: It got here commonly put together, so I figured setup could be a breeze. proper? incorrect. I could not get the component to paintings at all and had to name their customer support folks. It seems that the system won’t turn on in its full upright function. One has to press the foot pedal down and recline it backwards before it’ll work. That is not mainly intuitive and in case you want to design a product this manner…great, but make it a bit more apparent and blatant…either in the commands or with a sticker on a system. The customer support human beings at Dyson were extremely good in supporting me with my problem…so do not be embarrassed to name with silly question.performance: The Dyson DC-15 “Sucks”…and i imply this inside the maximum complimentary way. It sucked up an splendid amount of dirt. I vacuumed the residence just twice and the dirt receptacle become totally full. My former vacuum took months to fill the bag. if you have a puppy, the Dyson DC-15 is amazing…it selections up puppy hair that different vacuums might not get. It become additionally splendid for cleansing an exceptionally dirty couch.The training manual tells you that with a purpose to vacuum stairs; you use the vacuum the conventional way, but use the wand attachment instead, leaving the whole unit at the base of the stairs. The wand will stretch out sufficient to arise ½ flight of stairs readily and no discernable lack of overall performance is observed while doing this.design: Be cautious when you try and empty the dirt canister the first time…i finished up dumping all of the dust on the floor and needed to vacuum it up again. unlike maximum vacuums, the various Dyson attachments can not be saved at the unit itself…they are too big and bulky. i have never had to use among the attachments to this point. consistent with the guide, clearing blockages appears to be rather easy (in contrast to most vacuums)…i have never had to do this yet.The gadget appears to be very sturdy yet within reason mild to hold whilst emptied.end: If you can get via the setup, you’ve got one heck of an amazing gadget that ought to ultimate a long time and perform cleansing miracles.